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Tricia Wake’s impressive career began in 1982. With the notion that a good education would be the key to success, she embarked on a relentless quest for quality, knowledge, and skills, and for the next ten years she worked with the likes of Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, American Crew,  Wella International, Schwarzkopf International, Vivian McKinda, and many more.

In 1995, Tricia met her husband Stephen. This gave Tricia a new impetus and she was instrumental in the development of a European Education team for a Chicago-based group of salons. Over the next five years, she would drive the team on countless photo shoots for publication in national and international trade magazines. She put on shows and seminars which garnered rave reviews, none more so than the honor for the team to be awarded the “Educators of the Year” prize in 1999 at the Midwest Beauty show. She was asked to do a make-over show for the then-popular TV talk show Jennie Jones, which was received with great enthusiasm and gained her even more recognition. With this success came Tricia and Stephen’s dream of opening their own company, and Focas Salon was created.

Never resting on her laurels, Tricia was driven to management, a new direction for her. She advanced by studying and researching the best management techniques and then applying her own “uniqueness,”  never losing sight of her hairdressing education. Ten years later and counting, and Focas Salon’s growth and success is a testament to her drive and vision.

In 2010 her achievements were further recognized with the honor of being asked to be a Chapter Leader for the national organization Eufora Salon Owners Network (ESON), an honor she accepted and still holds today.

Stephen Wake began styling hair in 1964 in his home country of England. By 22 he had progressed to become the youngest Salon Manager in Bournemouth, and by 30 he was Managing Director/Shareholder of a forward thinking, progressive group of salons. During this youthful, active period he determined his first love was the motivation and training of others.

Stephen in a self-described workaholic, and has taken part in seminars, shows, videos, and publications throughout the world. His name is synonymous with all that is good in the British Hairdressing industry and his reputation is becoming internationally recognized. He is committed to sharing ideas in his quest to uncover exciting new talent within the industry and believes that the trainees of today are the stars of tomorrow.

Since his arrival to the U.S. in 1995, he has lost none of his obsession and he still strives to contribute to the development of the profession. The innovation of a ”new work place” and the ”Insatiable Appetite” of the American Hairdresser spurred his philosophies to a new level. He studied and adopted the world renowned “American Standard of Service” taught to him by his wife and partner Tricia, and when they coupled that with his knowledge of European Hair Techniques, the foundation for Focas was laid.



Professional Hairstylist

Kat’s vivacious personality is just one of many attributes that adds to her energetic and convivial spirit. Always striving to perfect her craft of color and style, this ambitious hair-fanatic is confident when it comes to pleasing her guests. Her open-mindedness and creativity inspire her to help you look and feel your very best.

Kat understands the needs of a working mother, and the importance of having low maintenance hair. She has made that her forte and has built a loyal clientele over the last seven years. If you are ready for a classic cut and easy-to-style hair, now is the time to see Kat.


American Board Certified Colorist


Professional Colorist

Becky’s experience as an advanced colorist allows her to offer her clients state-of-the-art techniques and processes. Her natural curiosity and love of doing hair keeps her studying the current trends from magazines, television, and the internet, so you can trust her with even your most unconventional requests. With her expert communication style, she can see color through your eyes. Becky has developed a unique pre- and post-surgical hair design concept and works extensively with hospitals, particularly North Western. To learn more, contact Becky direct at


Professional Hairstylist
Maria is a founding member of Focas and has risen through the ranks to become a national educator for Davines, a high-quality designer product line from Parma, Italy. Proficient in all aspects; cut, color, texture, straighteners, and extensions, nothing is outside her realm. Experience the difference with Maria.

Creating individualized recipes for healthy hair and color. When sitting in Marias chair you will experience what it is like to be in the hands of a true visionary. From cutting, to color, to hair extensions, even down to photography, Maria has proven she has a gifted eye.



Professional Hairstylist

Skyler’s passion and imaginative ideas about hair have been growing steadily since her career began. This “polychromatic fanatic” craves the opportunity to make your vision happen, whether its classic or adventurous. More than just a hairstylist, she has talent for creating easily-achievable-at-home looks that complements each client’s unique beauty.

Her client focus and custom-blended colors make appointments with Skyler are experiences worth repeating!


Professional Hairstylist

To say that Dominique is upbeat, charismatic, and passionate about hair is an understatement.  Her creative flow has only been getting stronger since her breakthrough into the industry nine years ago. Whether you’re looking for classic, trendy, chic, funky, or want Dominique’s creative spin, she wants the opportunity to make it happen! She is talented in creating an over all look that complements each individual’s unique features. “The best style is a versatile one that the client can duplicate at home, ” she says. When Dominique’s focus is on you, she’ll listen to what you’re asking for, and make the style of your dreams a reality. Her work is sure to have you raving about the new color and style she has personalized just for you!


"Love of beauty is taste, the creation of beauty is art"



Professional Hairstylist

Alba has proven to be a very diverse and creative stylist. Her dedication to accuracy and originality has shaped her into the fashion-forward stylist she is today. Alba has been involved in everything from special occasions to the stage, and with her mastery of the arts of cut, color, makeup, formal design, and facial waxing she can cater to your every beauty need. Have an event coming up or just need routine maintenance? Call to book Alba for all your services!


Professional Hairstylist

Hannah is a rising star. She passed her educational period with flying colors and has been moving ahead in leaps and bounds since she joined us here at Focas. If you are looking for fresh eyes and a clean style call and book your appointment with Hannah.




Professional Hairstylist

Alex’s forte is precision with low maintenance styles, and his likable demeanor and technical skills give him the ability to exceed people’s expectations. Attentive and caring both describe him well, and he never compromises quality, so if you like a no-fuss style done right, you can be sure Alex’s number is one to save.


Professional Hairstylist

In the 8 years Haley has been with Focas she has built up a strong and unique clientele, which is a testament both to her listening abilities and her talent to produce excellent results. If you are tired of not being heard by your stylist, try an appointment with Haley, and see how her intuitive style can help you have your dream hair.



Professional Hairstylist

New to the main floor but already with a flood of clients,  Emily has earned the respect of her clients and peers alike. Her skills far exceed her years,  and the way things are going for Emily, it will not be long before she is permanently booked! Call now for an appointment or risk missing out on the best haircut of your life!