Focas is so committed to quality hair colour that we researched for the first five years every major colour line worldwide for the most unique product, one that could enhance our passion for quality in this field. To our delight we found Davines, a unique designer line in Parma, Italy. This product is exclusive to Focas within our area and is truly magnificent. Whether you are looking to be a racey red, buttery blonde, or a rich creamy brunette,we at Focas can custom-formulate a colour to match your skin tone. Come and enjoy beautiful hair colouring at Focas!

Davines Lightener & ToneColor Prices Level 1  Level 2  Level 3
New Growth $60  $62  $65
Partial Highlight $85  $95  $105
Full Highlight $100  $125  $130
New Growth – with partial $105  $115  $125
New Growth – with full $115  $130  $135
Add Ons
Two Colours $10 By the Foil $ 8
Three Colours $15 Davines Lightener & Tone $10
Four Colours $20 Eliminate Phantom $20
Below Shoulders $10 Glaze (Toner) $10
Extra Thick $20
* Corrective or complete colour change – we recommend a consultation prior to appointment