Enhance your look with our Highlights service, a staple of our Colour group that adds depth and dimensions to your hair. Tailored by our expert stylists, this treatment promises to rejuvenate your style with vibrant strands that shine.
Elevate your hair game with our bespoke Highlights service, an ideal choice for those looking to add dimension, contrast, and a sun-kissed glow to their locks. Our skilled stylists masterfully weave in lighter shades, perfectly harmonizing with your natural or chosen base color to create a seamless, radiant look. This service caters to anyone wishing to refresh their appearance, without a full-color overhaul. Whether you're after a subtle enhancement or a bold transformation, our Highlights service, a prominent part of our Colour group offerings, will breathe new life into your hair, ensuring you leave our salon turning heads and feeling fabulous. Step into the light with us; let's craft your perfect shade together.
Partial Highlights
Starting at $95+
Full Highlights
Starting at $150+